Persistence and Determination Helps You Win All The Way

When it comes to creating and running your own business, persistence is everything. Once you have your game plan, your mindset and your heart ready, you must be determined to pace ahead. You must be doggedly and unabashedly persistent in making your business the best it can possibly be. Of course, it isn’t easy, but persistence and determination truly win all the way. There are some things to remember when you are trying to achieve success.

Quitting Is Not an Option

First of all, you can never ever give up. This is easier said than done, but it is truly attainable. You must be able to look at the bigger picture. What are you trying to accomplish? What do you need to do to get there? What do you expect the end results to be? Keeping these questions in mind, can keep you on the right track. They can keep you motivated when you realize that all of your hard work and persistence will result in a life-affirming goal.

Leading with Leads

Starting a business is hard, but failure is not an option. Persistence will get you the leads that you need. You have to be determined to go after the leads to jump-start your business. You must strive to get others inclined to your business plan. You must be able to sell them your genius and let them know that you are worth an investment. Leads are the key to your business and financial success.

Sell On

The sales that you actually need are driven by your persistence and determination. Sales are at the heart of your business and must be attained at costs. You must always keep going to get those sales. You must be willing to work long hours, reach out to customers and close the deal. You must be able and willing to perfect your sales pitch to get others to see why your business is such a wonderful one.


You want profits, right? Of course, you do. How do you get them? By following them persistently, of course! Once you put in all the work of getting leads, making the sale and closing it, you have to be able to turn a profit. That’s the whole point of owning your own business setup. You want to make money and be successful in order to achieve your goals and reach your potential. After all, this is the hallmark of business.

Persistence and determination serve as the keys to winning. You must always give your heart and soul to any challenge you come across. You must continue to work hard even when you don’t think you have anything left. Your hard work is the answer to your success. Persistence will get you everything you want and more.

How To Decide What To Charge For Your Products And Services

So, you have your business up and running. You have some products and services set up to offer to clients and prospects.

Sometimes this is the part where you might begin to feel a little stuck, because you begin to wonder how to set your prices.

Maybe you have a business where prices are already set, that’s fine because then you don’t have a choice – or maybe it’s bad because you don’t have a choice. More than likely you have a business where you need to really think about what you’re going to charge your clients for what you’re offering.

Now, this might sound a little strange at first, but you’re going to charge whatever you want for the products and services you have. It’s your business – so you can do that. You might be thinking that sounds just a little crazy, but you have the freedom to set your own prices.

Here’s the thing, you can decide to charge prices that are on the high-end, the middle or the low-end of your industry. So, you’ll have a tendency to look at what everybody else in your industry is charging.

For example, if you sell a computer program or software, and it’s similar to what some others are selling, you’ll look at what they’re charging for their software. Then, you’ll more than likely decide whether or not you want to squeeze in with them and be in the midrange, or if you want to try and take all their customers by charging less, or if you want to stand out in the market place and charge more than they’re charging.

You get to make those decisions. There’s nothing wrong with being on the high-end. There’s nothing wrong with being on the low-end. And if you want to be average, if you want to fit in with everyone else, by all means, that’s your choice to do that too.

If you’re going to be on the high-end, you’ll want to decide what sets you apart. What’s the value of what you’re selling over the value your competition is offering?

Value is the key to setting prices in the range you see fit as opposed to feeling like you have to fit in with everyone else. If what you’re selling has less value, or no additional value, than what your competition is selling then you can expect to run into some problems or challenges if you’re trying to sell in a different price range than they are.

Here’s something else, though, it’s your business, and you have the freedom to change your prices. You can test and adjust your prices until you get the results you’re after. That might mean you have to add a bonus or take away a bonus – just keep modifying and changing what you’re offering until you get the results you want.

Your prices will change based on a variety of factors like the economy, current trends, the need for what you have and even your clients. You have clients who will drop thousands of dollars on things and not give it a second thought and you also have clients who won’t spend hardly anything, and everything in between. So you’ll have to test and modify, and test again, until you find the amount your clients are willing to invest.

There’s no perfect formula for setting prices. It’s your business, so you can charge whatever you want. But you do have to be willing to test and modify, and change prices when your business and clients tell you to.

6 Simple Tips to Boost Your Business in 2013

With the New Year making its grand entry into our lives, we make plans and resolutions that go stale as early as the end of the first month. Most business owners shy away even from a new business plan or an effort to bring a positive change in the New Year. They fear that these plans and improvements won’t do any good to their current business strategy but only be an addition to the “time-wasting” chores. However, we seldom realize that without the right plan and changes, we are inviting stagnancy in our business goals.

Revise Your Marketing Plan

Are you planning to fail by failing to plan? Have you started updating your marketing plan for this New Year? Well, you have a choice… either make revisions regularly OR let it go stagnant along with your business.

There is no magic rule for how often you should update your plan but many experts suggest you ‘tweak it’ often. Therefore, it is important to jumpstart the year with a well-crafted strategy in place.

Spruce Up Your Website

Your website reflects your business and is the online face of your brand. Adding more zing and enthusiasm to your website, optimizing its content, adding user-friendly and interactive modules, and changing the look and feel of the website to represent the touch of novelty in your business are always a good idea. Here are 4 additional ideas:

  • Add new images
  • Change the banner
  • Upload a new video
  • Change the template

Take Control of Finances

If your financial plan has gone haywire in the last year, then it is time to pull up your sleeves and gear for strict budgeting this year. Plan your finances in a way that you prioritize the investments, make room for infrastructural improvements and also pitch in with good employee benefit schemes. Everything in between these constitutes your financial planning for this year. However, one still has the “January, February and March” to cash in before the end of the fiscal year.

Outsource Non-Essential Tasks

Rather than worrying about logistics, supply chain, administration and recruitment, it is essential that business owners and top management official learn to delegate non-essential tasks. One can also share responsibility or collaborate with other departments for reallocation of work as per expertise and priority.

Go Social

Today, most of us are using social networks to build relationships with potential customers and current clients. In fact, over 30% of the world’s population is on the internet. Social media increase brand awareness and allow you to connect with people where they hang out at. You no longer have to rely on the age-old modes of communication or indirect marketing.

A Social Presence:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Instant Feedback
  • Global Reach
  • Word of Mouth
  • Easy, Cheap and Great ROI

Expand through Alliance Partnership

When it comes to growing your business, partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs can be very effective.This gives you an instant marketing presence in front of millions of potential clients.

Do you know other companies to whom you share mutual customers with? You should be running, not walking to find who they are and how you can team up and benefit from each other.

Do you know of businesses that complement yours? Make a list of product or services that you don’t offer but that is related to what you do.

To jump-start a partnership:

  • Draft an agreement outlining expectations of the partnership
  • Develop a bond with your new alliance partners
  • Decide how marketing activities will be initiated between partners such as handing out marketing material at various networking functions, exchanging banners and links on websites or share a big marketing project.

By following these 6 simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to a successful and prosperous business in 2013.