Shift That IT Hardware Risk Away From Your Small Business!

Being in business is risky and anyone who is knows this to be a fact of life. I don’t know of one entrepreneur who dove into business that didn’t find themselves at one point or another in a fight for their lives. Now this might not be true of someone opening a franchise, especially if it’s well located. For the normal person starting a business, however, their hair raising adventures reflect the kind of high risk/high reward enterprise they’ve entered into.

Whenever you invest in anything you’re risking something. Buying a new piece of capital equipment? Better make sure that you’ve matched equipment to capacity, product to specifications. Even then market changes can render a piece of capital equipment obsolete overnight.

And that capital expenditure issue brings me to my point. Any CAPEX involves risk. An OPEX, or operational expense, however, is much less risky. I didn’t say it was without risk, it’s just that when you buy something you own it. You own it and all of its potential problems and defects. When you lease something you make your payments and forget it. If there’s a problem it’s someone else’s.

It’s the same thing with a cloud network. Now your server and all the data on it are virtualized on a super computer in a super safe data center. This is what the cloud is all about. And your vendor can even eliminate your need for PC towers by installing cloud access devices. These have no moving parts and allow your users to instantly connect to that virtualized server via the internet. These cloud access devices, incidentally, last eight to ten years. We maintain ownership of these things to further reduce your equipment exposure but that’s subject to the decisions made by the vendor you choose.

So what do you have left? No server in the office, no PC towers, and the only equipment risk left is your monitors, keyboads and mice. 95% of your IT issues just went out the door. So did your need for IT people having to make a service call and we all know how expensive that can get.

This shift of hardware risk affects software, too. Now your office software’s all in the cloud and is part of your monthly payment. Your vendor is responsible for all updates, patches, security settings, firewall, backups and your disaster recovery plan. It’s not trouble-free but it’s about as close as you can get.

So ask yourself a question: Do you really want and need that hardware in your office? Do you need the risk, the IT repair disruptions, the downtime and all the lost productivity that comes with it? With 99.9%+ uptime, optimal software running speeds, backups you can count on and out of sight, out of mind network maintenance taking place on schedule and on time a cloud network represents a shift that can benefit your business and free you from ever having to buy another server or PC again.

This might be one of the wisest delegation moves you’ve ever made. Explore your options, you might find you’ll save a lot of money, too.